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ImageListen NowNameGenrePriceBuy ExclusiveLease Now
DizzyInstrumentals, New School25.00$
Big Dawg
Big DawgInstrumentals, New School25.00$
Salute or Shoot
Salute or ShootInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
SketchyInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
No Worries
No WorriesInstrumentals, Mellow25.00$
Boots Laced Up
Boots Laced UpInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Candy Paint
Candy PaintInstrumentals, Mellow25.00$
No Leash
No LeashInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
GrindinInstrumentals, New School25.00$
SicilyGood Vibe, Instrumentals25.00$
88Instrumentals, New School25.00$
Good Mood
Good MoodGood Vibe, Instrumentals25.00$
PiratesInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
ForeverInstrumentals, New School25.00$
SparkInstrumentals, Mellow25.00$
Lezz Go
Lezz GoInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
AngelsInstrumentals, Mellow25.00$
Neil Armstrong Kush
Neil Armstrong KushInstrumentals, Mellow25.00$
BullyInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Pissed Off
Pissed OffInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Rear View Shaking
Rear View ShakingInstrumentals, Southern25.00$
Spirits All Around Me
Spirits All Around MeGood Vibe, Instrumentals25.00$
Tatted Up
Tatted UpInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Stove On High
Stove On HighInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Snatch Your Soul
Snatch Your SoulInstrumentals, Trap25.00$
Choose Up
Choose UpInstrumentals, New School25.00$
No Exit
No ExitInstrumentals, New School25.00$

Instrumental Beat License Info

Read The Info Below Before Purchasing Instrumental Audio Beats


25$ CAD

  • Leasing license for the sound recording/beat
  • Receive tagged .mp3 file instantly
  • Sell up to 5000 copies
  • Must give credit to Brewlay Instrumentals


300$ CAD

  • Ownership of rights to the sound recording/beat
  • Un-tagged Master/Track Outs .wav files sent within 48 hours
  • Customizable
  • Must give credit to Brewlay Instrumentals

Lease License

  • Leasing license of the sound recording/beat to the buyer
  • This recording can then be distributed at your price for up to 5,000 copies and may also be used for non-profit promotional use or demos (no free downloads)
  • Upon purchasing leasing rights, the seller still owns the beat(s) and the seller is able to resell the beat(s) to any other party until exclusive rights have been purchased
  • Must give full credit to Brewlay Instrumentals verbally or in writing on all commercial recordings

Exclusive License

  • Ownership of the sound recording/beat to the buyer
  • Unlimited use of the Master Recording in profit performances, shows or concerts
  • You may request to change layout of the beat, tempo, etc…
  • Upon purchasing exclusive rights, the sound recording/beat will be removed from all sites on the internet
  • Must give full credit to Brewlay Instrumentals verbally or in writing on all commercial recordings

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